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Country:Puerto Rico
Latitude/Longitude:18.3262, -65.816
Annual rainfall:
Dry months:
Mean temperature:
Range of mean monthly temperatures:
Forest Structure
Tree basal area (m2 ha-1):
Mean canopy height (m):
Forest Dynamics Plot
Area(ha):16 ha
Number of trees:67,100
Number of species:138
First census year:
Number of censuses:3

Jess Zimmerman

University of Puerto Rico


John Bithorn

University of Puerto Rico

Paola Olaya

University of Puerto Rico

Samuel Matta

University of Puerto Rico

Seth Rifkin

University of Puerto Rico




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Conditions of Use Agreement

  • Phenologies for the Tabonuco Forest trees and shrubs (metadata)
  • LFDP phenology plot seedlings – 16 ha plot (metadata)