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Latitude:29.46, Longitude:110.52

The Badagongshan plot located in Badagongshan nature reserve (29°39'~29°49' N, 109°41'~110°09'E), Sangzhi county, Hunan province. In 2010, a 25 ha (500 m × 500 m) forest dynamics plot was established in subtropical montane evergreen and deciduous broad-leaved mixed forest. The elevation of the plot ranges from 1,369 m to 1,470 m. Meteorological information obtained at 1,130 m during 1978 to 1980 showed that the mean monthly temperature ranged from 0.1 °C in January to 22.8° C in July with an annual mean temperature of 11.5°C and average annual precipitation of 2,105.4 mm. The first census was completed in 2011, revealing a total of approximately 186,000 stems with diameter breast height greater than 1 cm belonging to 238 species, 114 genera and 53 families. The plot was dominated by families with pantropical distributions (24.50%) and genera with north temperate distributions (24.56%). There were nine rare and endangered woody plants. Dominant species were from the families of Fagaceae, Ericaceae, Lauraceae and Theaceae. There were 38 species with more than 1,000 individuals and 103 species with less than 25 individuals. The forest strata was divided into a canopy layer dominated by Cyclobalanopsis multinervis and Fagus lucida, an understorey layer dominated by Rhododendron stamineum and Litsea enlongata, and a shrub layer dominated by Eurya brevistyla and Symplocos anomala.

Collaborating Institution Contact Information
Wuhan Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Chinese Forest Biodiversity Monitoring Network Dr. Zhijun Lu
Dr. Mingxi Jiang