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Latitude:33.4956, Longitude:111.94

The 25-ha Baotianman warm temperate deciduous Broadleaved forest plot was established in 2009, located in the transition zone between warm temperate and subtropical zone in Central China (33.49º N, 111.94 ºE). The mean annual temperature is 15.1 °C, and mean annual precipitation is 885.6 mm.

The woody species are composed by the family of the Fagaceae, Tiliaceae, Aceraceae, Pinaceae, Cornaceae, Betulaceae, etc. The dominant tree species are Quercus aliena var. acutiserrata, Acer grosseri, Pinus armandii etc.; Cercidiphyllum japonicum is the Category national protected species, Corylus chinensis, Meliosma veitchiorum, Fagus longipetiolata and Tsuga chinensis, the preferential protected plants of Henan province, were also recorded in the plot.


Principal Investigator: Du Xiaojun, Institute of Botany, CAS. His research interests focus on forest ecology, biodiversity and restoration ecology.

Research Team: Qi Guang, Liu Yonggang, Ye Yongzhong, Liu Zongcai, Yuan Zhiliang, Wang Ting 

Collaborating Institution Contact Information
Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences Dr. Xiaojun Du