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Latitude:51.8167, Longitude:122.998

The 25-ha dahurian larch forest plot is a typical cold temperate zonal vegetation of Greater Khingan Region flora, which was established in 2011, located on the north slope of the Yilehuli Mountains in the Heilongjiang Province. The plot has an elevation of 897 m with a gentle change in slope of 16.6 m. Mean annual temperature is -4°C, mean annual precipitation of 458.3 mm, mean annual relative humidity of 71%, and mean annual evaporation of 911 mm.


The plot has a relatively simple community composition. The dominant species structuring the landscape is Larix gmelinii. There are four main community types representing obvious shifts in vegetation landscape characteristics, including: moss - Larix gmelinii forest, herbage - Larix gmelinii forest, Rhododendron tomentosum - Larix gmelinii forest, and Rhododendron dauricum - Larix gmelinii forest. The plot contains 18 woody species (4 tree species, 14 shrub species), 12 genera and 6 families. The maximum DBH in the plot was 52 cm, the mean DBH and basal area were 3.87 cm and 20.93 m2/ha, respectively.

Collaborating Institution Contact Information
Chinese Academy of Sciences; Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Chinese Forest Biodiversity Monitoring Network