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Latitude:18.7308, Longitude:108.905

Jianfengling (JFL) 60 ha plot (1000 m × 600 m) was established in 2011 and first census was completed in 2012. It is located in Jianfenling Nature Reserve in southwest Hainan Island, China. The Jianfengling region has a tropical monsoon climate, with the wet season from May to October and the dry season from November to the following April. The annual rainfall is between 900 mm and 3700 mm. The annual average temperature is 24.7 °C, with the coldest and warmest monthly average temperatures being 10.8 °C and 32.6 °C, respectively.

Based on the atmosphere station near the 60 ha plot (4 km), the annual rainfall is between 1305 mm and 3686 mm in the mountain rain forest. The annual average temperature is 19.8 °C, with the coldest and warmest monthly average temperatures being 10.8 °C and 27.5 °C, respectively. There are eight vegetation types in Jianfengling. Mountain rain forest is the dominant vegetation type where the 60 ha plot located. The total number of plant species in Jianfengling reserve is 2,839, including 552 introduced species.

The 60 ha plot elevation varies from 866.3 m to 1,016.7 m and the slope varies from 1.74° to 49.25° at the 20 m × 20 m spatial scale. 484,640 stems with DBH larger than 1.0 cm are recorded in the plot. Among them, 439,889 stems are live trees, belonging to 291 species, 155 genera and 62 families. 12568 stems are dead trees. 32183 stems are liana.

 The top five dominated species in the plot are Livistona saribus, Gironniera subaequalis, Cryptocarya chinensis, Alseodaphne hainanensis and Prismatomeris tetrandra. Occupancy of some species are very high and almost can be found at each 20 m × 20 m quadrat, such as Prismatomeris tetrandra, Gironniera subaequalis, Nephelium topengii, Cryptocarya chinensis and Psychotria asaitica. Some species distribution are greatly influenced by topography, such as Pinanga discolor and Blastus cochichinensis.


Collaborating Institution Contact Information
Research Institute of Tropical Forestry, Chinese Academy of Forestry Dr. Han Xu
Prof. Yide Li
Prof. Shirong Liu
Prof. Fangliang He