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Latitude:1.1558, Longitude:-77.9935

High in Andean cloud forest lies the 25-ha La Planada Forest Dynamics Plot in the La Planada Nature Reserve. The La Planada plot was established in 1996 by the Instituto de Investigacion de Recursos Biologicos "Alexander von Humboldt" and CTFS/STRI. The plot's site represents a gradient from the plateau of La Planada (1718 m) to the slopes leading to the surrounding ridges (1844 m), and researchers are interested in how the forest changes over this gradient. The La Planada site provides interesting parrallels to the Asian montane site, Doi Inthanon Forest Dynamics Plot.

Collaborating Institution Contact Information
Instituto de Investigacion de Recursos Biologicos "A. Von Humboldt" Natalia Norden
Mr. Mauricio Alvarez