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Latitude:39.2361, Longitude:-86.2204

The Indiana University Forest Dynamics Plot is located at the IU's Lilly Dickey Woods in Nashville, Indiana. It lies at the northern edge of the unglaciated portion of Indiana and near the center of the Eastern Broadleaf Forest Province. The forest is old compared to many of the secondary successional forests of the region with some of the oldest canopy trees near 150 years old. The forest is oak-hickory dominated with major proportions of chestnut oak (Quercus prinus), white oak (Quercus alba), various other oak species (Quercus spp.) and assorted hickories (Carya spp.), while the understory is mainly sugar maple (Acer saccharum).

Plot installation and initial census work began in 2009 with a 4 hectare section, and then an additiona 5 ha was completed in 2010 where all woody stems larger than 1 cm DBH were tagged, mapped, and measured. The plot census expanded to 25 ha in 2012, covering in total a 500 m by 500 m area. Currently the 9 hectares that have been censused have 35 species and 11461 stems (of those, 10486 are live).

Collaborating Institution Contact Information
Indiana University Dr. Keith Clay
Dr. Richard Phillips
Dr. Dan Johnson