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Latitude:22.4333, Longitude:106.95

The 15-ha Nonggang Forest Dynamics Plot was established in southern Guangxi in 2011, with the geographical coordinate 22.45°N,106.95°E. The mean elevation of the plot is 260 m, with elevation change of 190 m. Annual mean temperature is 20.8-22.4℃ and annual mean precipitation is 1150-1550mm.

The plot is part of one of the 14 highly important biodiversity hotspots with global significance in China and considered to be typical karst seasonal rainforest. There are 66,718 individual trees with DBH≥1 cm, belonging to 223 species, 153 genera, and 54 families, including 8 species of China's state priority protected wild plants, 30 species of Guangxi endemic plants, and 3 China new recorded species.

Representative tree species of the plot is principally Excentrodendron tonkinense (Vulnerable (B1+2c)), Cephalomappa sinensis (Endangered, a character species centered in tropical karst forests), Deutzianthus tonkinensis, and Garcinia paucinervis (Category II national protected species) etc. Trees from EuphorbiaceaeMeliaceaeMoraceaeAnnonaceae and Mammea in the plot are typical tree species for the northern part of tropical karst forests. The size distribution of all individuals shows an invert J-shape curve.

Principal Investigator: Li Xiankun, Professor of Guangxi Institute of Botany, CAS. His research focuses on the karst vegetation succession and correlation with environment.

Research Team: Xiang Wusheng, Guo Yili, Wang Bin, Wen Shujun, Bai Kundong, Ding Tao, Lu Shuhua, Huang Yusong, Liu Yan, Huang Fuzhao, Li Dongxing

Collaborating Institution Contact Information
Guangxi Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences Dr. Xiankun Li