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Latitude:22.4333, Longitude:106.95

The 15 hectare Longgang Forest Dynamics Plot is located in the Longgang National Nature Reserve of the Guangxi Province, south China, and adjacent to northeastern Vietnam. This region is characterized by the highly vulnerable and spectacular limeston karst systems found there. These karsts support a very high level of endemic species of plants, vertebrates, and invertebrates and are recognized as highly imporant biodiversity hotspots. The plot lies in the northern margin of tropical limestone karsts and is considered to be karst seasonal rainforest. There are 66718 individual trees with a dbh of 1 cm or greater, belonging to 217 species, 153 genera, and 54 families. Forest composition is principally Cleistanthus sumantranus, Sterculia monosperma, Vitex kwangsiensis, Hydnocarpus hainanensis, Diplodiscus trichosperma, antidesma japonicum, Excentrodendron tonkinense, Memecylon scutellatum, Ficus hispida, and Garcinia paucinervis.

Collaborating Institution Contact Information
Guangxi Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences Dr. Xiankun Li