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Latitude:38.889, Longitude:-76.559

The SERC Forest Dynamics Plot is located at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Edgewater, Maryland, adjacent to a sub-estuary of the Chesapeake Bay on the US coastal plain. The square 16.0 hectare plot is dominated by mature secondary upland forest but is bisected with a section of floodplain forests, both around 120 years since initiation. The upland forest is an example of the “tulip poplar” association with an overstory dominated by tulip poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera), several oaks (Quercus spp.), beech (Fagus grandifolia), and several hickories (Carya spp.); a mid-canopy of red maple (Acer rubrum) and sour gum (Nyssa sylvatica); and an understory composed of American hornbeam (Carpinus caroliniana), spicebush (Lindera benzoin), and paw-paw (Asimina triloba). The flood plain forest is dominated by ashes (Fraxinus spp.), sycamore (Platanus occidentalis), and American elm (Ulmus americana). Installation of the plot began in September 2007. The forest is rather tall (to as high as 40 m) and has a high richness for this part of the temperate zone, with more than 34 species of at least 20.0 cm DBH. As of November 2009, the tagging and censusing of all woody stems ≥1 cm DBH in about 9.0 hectares of the plot have been completed.

Collaborating Institution Contact Information
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Earthwatch Institute Dr. Geoffrey Parker