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Latitude:29.8116, Longitude:121.783

The 20 ha Tiantong plot lies in the Tiantong National Forest Park of the Zhejiang Province of eastern China. The plot is considered typical lower subtropical evergreen broadleaf forest. There are 115,815 individual trees, belonging to 153 species, 91 genera, and 50 families. The plot's floristic composition is transitional between the temperate and subtropical. The vertical structure of the forest is clear, with two canopy tree layers (upper and lower), one shrub layer, and one herb layer. Choerospondias axillaris, Lithocarpus megalophyllus, and Cyclobalanopsis sessilifolia are the three most dominant species in the upper tree layer. There are many shade-tolerant and intermediate light-demanding species such as Litsea elongata and Distylium Myricoides in the mid-layer. The understory layer is rich and complex with high variablility in species composition.


Collaborating Institution Contact Information
East China Normal University Dr. Xihua Wang