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Latitude:51.7743, Longitude:-1.3379

Wytham Woods is a mixed deciduous forest in southern England. It covers approximately 400 ha, which is a relatively large woodland for the UK and includes a range of different soil types and management histories. Wytham is owned by Oxford University and is used by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) as a long-term monitoring site in the UK Environmental Change Network (ECN). CEH operates a flux tower on the site, measuring stand-scale carbon and water fluxes; a canopy walkway gives access to the leaves of canopy trees, and several studies of tree ecophysiology have been carried out there. A network of small (10 m x 10 m) ECN forest-monitoring plots is distributed across the site, and a 1-ha plot forms a focus for carbon-dynamics studies, including soil processes and tree growth.

Collaborating Institution Contact Information
Oxford University (UK), Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (UK), Earthwatch Institute Dr. Mike Morecroft
Dr. Yadvinder Malhi
Dr. Nathalie Butt